Account Executive
Position Location: 
Arlington, VA
Position Type: 
Position Reports To: 
Account Director
Position Description: 

We currently have an exciting opportunity for a detail-oriented Account Executive.


Maintains direct communication with day-to-day client contacts
• Monitors requests to ensure effective and timely response
• Proactively mitigates and resolves problems
• Works with larger agency team on development and implementation of projects and solutions
• Reports status to Client on a regular basis

Project Oversight
• Monitors project timelines, bids and estimates to ensure accuracy and on-time delivery
• Works with team to manage budgets and billing including PO/IO/invoicing processing
• Provides regular budget and other program reports
• Records key approvals, decisions and resolutions using meeting reports, call reports and email

Directs Operations
• Provides internal team with guidance and analysis of client input, together with background knowledge, research and field research to effectively and efficiently implement programs
• Regularly communicates with Supervisor

Coordinates with internal teams, ensuring best practices and output for client needs
• Briefs appropriate members from each team at initiation of each project
• Provides documented input including problem, media, PR and creative briefs, job requests and change orders
• Provides support data including mark-ups and samples
• Checks and approves copy, design, and production
• Checks appropriateness of materials internally prior to client presentation

Plans and identifies opportunities for new projects and program integration
• Stays current on client and market developments
• Keeps agency up to date on key developments and insights from the field
• Identifies opportunities for improvements or integration across advertising programs


We are seeking an individual with 3-5 years of advertising/marketing experience working with multiple clients and campaigns. Advertising or Marketing agency experience preferred. 


At LMO, we believe in building a culture of people who share the same challenger mindset, who relish in the impossible because challenges are opportunities to do our best work.

How To Apply: 

Please submit resume and cover letter to: AccountExecutive@lmo.com


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