Joining an Ad 2 DC committee is a great way to get further involved and stand out among your peers. Not to mention, it’s rewarding and a lot of fun! Check out the many ways for you to get involved on one of our committees -- we’d love to have your help!

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Public Service

Each year, Ad 2 DC’s Public Service Committee works with a D.C. area non-profit to develop a fully-integrated pro-bono advertising and marketing campaign. The carefully-selected client has access to the Committee’s skills and strategic counsel from July through May each year in anticipation of the annual National Ad 2 Public Service Competition. Depending on the non-profit’s needs, the Committee develops and executes a tailored, strategic campaign, with elements ranging from creative and web design to media planning, public relations, and general consult.

Committee responsibilities can include:

  • Marketing
  • Strategy and branding
  • Account service
  • Event planning
  • Public relations
  • Media planning
  • Graphic design


To get involved with the Public Service Committee, email


The Communications Committee creates strategy and promotions to reach prospects, members, students and the local community while maintaining and enhancing Ad 2 DC’s brand. The Committee’s goal is to raise awareness of Ad 2 DC and keep our members informed about new opportunities, events, and ways to get involved.

Committee responsibilities include:

  • Copywriting and promotional strategy across social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) and email blasts
  • Branding and design for events/programs
  • Public relations
  • AAF DC Blog posts
  • Creating content related to the advertising industry, government relations, diversity and other hot topics
  • Designing Ad 2 DC marketing materials
  • Aiding other committees with communications needs


To get involved with the Communications Committee, email


Out on the front lines at every Ad 2 DC, event, the Membership Committee works to ensure and grow the value of members’ investment in Ad 2 DC. The Committee gets the member base involved through activities and programs designed to enhance club membership recruitment, retention, and involvement.

Committee responsibilities include:

  • Planning and developing new member benefits
  • Creating a membership drive
  • Recruiting potential members
  • Student/University outreach
  • Fostering member engagement
  • Retaining members
  • Mentor opportunities


To get involved with the Membership Committee, email

Programs and Events

Informative, entertaining programs and events are at the heart of Ad 2 DC’s dedication to its members. The Programs and Events Committee manages all programming and social events for Ad 2 DC and everything that comes with it—from developing focused content in the areas of advertising education, professional development, diversity, and government relations, to total event planning and management.

Committee responsibilities include:

  • Planning programs and social events throughout the year
  • Developing programming focused on advertising education, professional development, diversity, and government relations
  • Brainstorming interesting event topics
  • Recruiting speakers
  • Event planning and management
  • Working with the communications committee on deliverables
  • Attaining venue and catering sponsorships


To get involved with the Programs Committee, email


Where would the ad industry be without brilliant designers to bring our ideas to life in a stunning visual way? The Creative Committee works in tandem with Programs, Communications, and Membership to ensure beautiful, engaging visuals accompany every piece of Ad 2 DC member outreach.

Committee responsibilities include:

  • Creative design / execution
  • Creative concepting and brainstorming
  • Storyboarding for video
  • Maintaining a consistent brand identity


To get involved with the Creative Committee, email


The ad industry embraces diversity, and DC happens to be an especially diverse city! The Diversity Committee consults with all other Ad 2 DC committees to ensure that diverse experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives are represented at each touchpoint of the Ad 2 DC experience.

Committee responsibilities include:

  • Advising creative executions
  • Advising speaker outreach and event planning
  • Advising member outreach, including outreach to prospective new members


To get involved with the Diversity Committee, email

Government Relations

Ad 2 DC is uniquely positioned for Government Relations activities since we’re in the nation’s Capitol. The Government Relations Committee is responsible for keeping our members abreast of trends in legislation and regulation that impact advertisers, as well as reaching out to local legislators through advocacy or programming to advance awareness of the issues and the causes of our industry.

Committee responsibilities include:

  • Advising event planning
  • Membership outreach and education
  • Advocating for the ad industry at AAF’s annual Day on the Hill


To get involved with the Government Relations Committee, email

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